Medical Marijuana

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Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana | Higher Learning - Perris, CA

Overall, medical marijuana is a substance that helps more than it hinders. Our patients need some form of care and at Higher Learning, we offer that care in the best way we know how. Our high quality product is available to each customer who comes in. Whether you’re looking for a product to smoke or a product to eat, we’ve got it all.

There are two forms of medical cannabis that patients should know about and understand. Both help in their own way, but both are quite different from each other.

These two forms are:
Sativa—Sativa is known for the energetic and uplifting high it can bring patients. This is the best form of marijuana for someone suffering from depression or other psychological conditions. The usage of sativa can bring about happier feelings.
Indica—Indica is more suited for treating those with chronic pain. It brings about a deep relaxation feeling in patients. Those suffering from painful episodes may do well to try this one and discover the results for themselves.

Those are the two most common strains of medical marijuana that most patients will come across in their time. However, there are also hybrid strains, which feature a mixture of the two mentioned above. Both have varied medical benefits, so combining them together in certain ways can help to target certain conditions that patients are experiencing. This may be best suited to those with worse or worsening conditions.

Medical marijuana has its uses in today’s world. Many patients within the Perris, California area are stopping in to the shop to find what suits them best. You could be the next customer to walk through our door and discover a way to help with your condition.

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