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About Us | Higher Learning - Perris, CA

Higher Learning is all about you. That is why we offer the highest quality product in Perris, California. We pride ourselves on that level of quality and ensuring our customers receive the satisfaction and medical help they require in a timely manner. Stopping into our shop is never a bad thing and shouldn’t be treated as such. Everything seen within the store is there to help you. The friendly environment we’ve worked hard to establish works.

Our large variety of edibles and flowers means you always have options. If smoking isn’t you thing, we’ve got the edibles to accommodate every taste bud. If you’re looking for something more traditional, we offer the highest quality hash with the lowest donations in town. You save yourself some money, while getting the quality. That type of business is unrivaled.

We offer customers numerous deals so they don’t hurt their wallets, yet still get the best prices and quality products. For those first time customers visiting our store, you can also choose from a first time patient gift. That’s just our way of saying thank you for choosing Higher Learning over other dispensaries within the area. Our competition is great, no doubt, but we’ve come to know our customers in a way that brings them back each time. That service can’t be beat.

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